THE #BUILDWEALTH MOVEMENT™ sets you and your family up for life.

Let’s get your financial house in order today.


The #BuildWealth Movement™

The #BuildWealth Movement™ is a financial education initiative that encourages people to address their biggest financial problems.

You may have noticed that many people feel discomfort when talking about money. They say it’s rude to bring it up and that it’s a taboo topic to discuss. The result? Generations upon generations of people feel guilt and shame about their financial matters.

The #BuildWealth Movement™ is established to break that cycle and change the way you THINK and FEEL about money.

When you start feeling more confident about discussing your financial affairs, then you can face any problems relating to your finances and be well on your way to a sound financial game plan.

Are you having serious money issues?

Here are some signs…

Most people go through life without a financial game plan in place. They choose to burn through their paychecks without saving for the rainy days. They have poor budgeting skills so their accounts are gravely mismanaged.
Here are 3 signs that you have financial issues:
  • You do not have a financial game plan in place.
  • You are not working with a trusted and qualified financial planner/adviser/counselor/coach.
  • You have difficulties understanding financial products, services, and information overload.
Does this sound like you? Don’t worry. We’re here to help.

is the perfect companion to navigate the complexities of the finance world.

The #BuildWealth Movement™ will help you attain financial peace of mind by strengthening your decision-making skills when it comes to money. We will provide you with a personalized, step-by-step planning process that considers where you currently are, and where you want to be. Our methods are fitting for every situation and every stage of your life so that you may accomplish your financial goals.

The MOVEMENT offers the following services:

This is a phone call or virtual meeting you schedule at your convenience. It's a good option for someone who isn't quite sure what they want to do but needs to talk through their situation to help get them moving in the right direction.This could be a one-time session, a session as-needed or a series of sessions. You schedule time with Mr. #BuildWealth when you need him.
If your organization is in search of an interactive and engaging financial wellness workshop or webinar, we've got you covered. Our sessions aren't like the stuffy financial wellness sessions you're used to. We pride ourselves on making a strong connection with the audience, mixing in a little humor, and leaving your group feeling energized about crushing their financial goals!
Many of us are nervous about working with a financial expert and our family, friends or co-workers probably have the same concerns. If you plan to disrupt generational poverty™, don't go it alone. Why not come together and work on your individual plans as a group?

Get a sneak peek into my book

The #BuildWealth Challenge is a book I created to challenge the way you THINK and FEEL about money. This book contains:
  • 8 challenge questions
  • Financial fundamentals
  • Countless priceless lessons to improve your financial situations
  • ​Financial planning guide

    And so much more!
This book will undoubtedly help you improve your financial status, and I only ask one thing from you: BE HONEST.

Let go of the fear and shame that surrounds money. It’s just you, me, and my book. The challenges are designed to help you become introspective about your current financial status so that you can get over the negative feelings and face your problems head-on. Additionally, the book is written in a way that is digestible and manageable. You can always take a break between chapters and think about what you have just learned, then find ways to apply those to your current situation.

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